One of the most difficult decisions you have to make when hiking Western Colorado is deciding which one of the countless magnificent trails you should hike first. With a little help from Instagram, here are some of Western Colorado's finest trails.

There's no such thing as a "bad" trail in this neck of the woods. Some, however, are preferable to others. Which are best? That's up to you. Fortunately, those who've already hit the trails were kind enough to share the scenery via Instagram.

Lemon Squeezer - Mt. Garfield

Wow! This is working already. I've hiked Mt. Garfield dozens of times and have never seen this place. Guess where I'm heading? I'll leave the smoke bomb at home.

Mt. Garfield - roughly the halfway mark

This would be an example of something looking far worse than it is. When hiking this stretch, it really doesn't occur to your the degree of the slope.

Tabeguache Trailhead

There's the view from the trailhead. From there, the sky is the limit. There are trails heading every which direction.

Another shot of the Tabeguache Trailhead

Many Western Colorado trailheads offer ample parking and many include facilities. You can make a day of it.

Lunch Loop

The Lunch Loop network of trails between Monument Road and Little Park Road offer endless hours of excellent hiking. You could hike forever and never take the same route twice.

Mica Mines

Looking for a historic hike with excellent rock features? Make your way to the Mica Mines. The trail is awesome 365 days a year. You make the round trip in just a few hours. You'll never encounter anything too challenging. It's just right.

Lunch Loop

Okay, that's another option. Looking to infuse a little Yoga into your daily hike? Go for it. It's your hike, and you're calling the shots.

Mt. Garfield

Okay, I haven't thought of that one, either. I've been to the summit of Mt. Garfield many times, but I don't recall ever doing a handstand. Then again, in my case, that would probably be catastrophic.

Did these Instagram photos stir your desire to take a hike? They should have. How can you resist these awesome settings? The pictures speak for themselves. Hit the trails, and be sure to add to the incredible collection of photos of Western Colorado hikes.

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