Anyone care to go spelunking?

With all of the mountains in Colorado, the thought of exploring caves never really entered my mind. So I started looking into it and there are quite a few places to go exploring in Colorado. But before we check them out, what do you need to go cave diving?

First of all, you need to not be claustrophobic. Going underground is difficult enough, but if you are claustrophobic, this is one thing you will want to take off of your list. Next, take a course. Keep in mind, the courses can be challenging, and rightly so, because if you are far underground and have no idea how to get out, you'll be thankful you have that training. Just going on into a cave and looking around is fine, as long as you stay close to the entrance. Anything other than that, you are going to want to have training.

Some caves have areas you can only get to by scuba diving to it. Obviously this means you will need to know how to do that, as well. You can avoid this part, however by not exploring caves with underground pools.

Also, never, ever explore caves alone. Always have a buddy to spelunk with. You have to watch out for each other.O.K., let's take a look at a few places to go try our new skills out.

Combine hiking with cave exploring and you have a pretty good time on your hands. The cave here is considered moderate.

Also a great hike, but in addition to going down into the caves, you can also, if you can, do some climbing. Ice climbing here is huge!

Cave of the Winds-Manitou Springs

Pretty much everyone has heard of this place. Some incredibly impressive areas here. There's a lot more than just caving here.

Glenwood Caverns-Glenwood Springs

Enjoy the adventure park, enjoy the caves and enjoy yourself. A can't miss experience!

Those should get you started. And once you get going, remember to send pictures!



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