Can you be this guy's new daddy?

That's pretty much what he's hoping for.

YouTuber Alex has put together this video, in which he tries to help his mother find a boyfriend. Like a lot of sneaky kids, he went behind his mom's back, working on it for a year without her knowing.

In the clip, Alex does his best to sell his mom, Eva, by relaying all of her interests (she seems to be a pretty outdoorsy, family-oriented person). If you're interested, she was born in the Czech Republic in 1946 and now calls Norway home, so you may have to consider relocating.

It's definitely a sweet, well-intentioned video and any child who's ever been pestered by his or her mom with "Let me set you up" will appreciate this even more.

Good luck, Eva. Your son's heart is in the right place and we hope he helps you find what eHarmony apparently can't.

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