I have to admit, this is a term I was unfamiliar with, but it certainly is fascinating.

"Cuffing" is, according to Match.Com, when daters find someone to settle down with during the cold winter months, essentially "handcuffing" them to this person for the winter but may or may not last until spring.

A study called "Singles in America"  contains information on dating from over 5,000 daters. Ther study goes on to show nearly 70% of those who are "Gen Z" (Born between 1996 and 2010) are looking for love while 63% of Millennials state they are looking as well. Of all of those, only 9% are looking for a casual dating experience.

Denver ranked third in the nation for those who are looking to cuff for the winter, apparently a great place to find success in this endeavor. Indianapolis, Indiana was recognized as the place most likely to find success at cuffing, while El Paso, Texas was recognized as the place least likely to find success.

I had no idea this was a thing, did you?

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