At times while we're growing up and attending school, and certainly after we've graduated and entered the real world, we often think to ourselves about the validity of the skills we're learning and how they'll actually apply to real life.

One of the arguments that I've heard get brought up is the fact that as kids we learn things like algebra, which the majority of us never use after graduating, but lack some of the skills that would be extremely beneficial in everyday life.

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It's definitely concerning that high school and college graduates often lack basic skills like knowing how to manage finances or change a tire, but they know what the powerhouse of a cell is and can explain terms like photosynthesis and chlorophyll.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what skills you wish you would've learned in school and got a variety of responses.

Everyday Skills Grand Junction Wishes They'd Learned in School

Some of the responses to my question completely validated my point in asking this question in the first place, that basic skills are not often taught in schools and we wish they were. Some of the commenters mentioned skills like mechanic work, managing finances, and even things like typing that many of us use every day.

In addition, there were some more advanced skills that were mentioned such as computer programming, basic law, and plumbing.

Of course, any time I ask a question like this there is always at least one tongue-in-cheek response to lighten the mood and this one came from Brian who said he wished that he learned to be a businessman like Walter White from the TV series Breaking Bad.

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