See, this is why no one likes math.

This math problem has been buzzing around social media for a few weeks and it's causing a bit a stink.

The problem here is the coconuts. As you can see in the picture, there are two different coconuts depicted. Mashable tried to break down how that has caused confusion and led to two sets of answers:

Some believe that if a pair of coconut halves equals two, then a single coconut half must equal one. Similarly, they believe that if a bundle of four bananas equals four, then a bundle of three must equal three, leaving a final answer of 14.

Others believe that the coconut image always equals two, while the bundle of bananas image always equals four, regardless of changes in illustration. By this thinking, the answer is 16.

So, we don't have a definitive solution, which is crazy, since math is all about solutions. So, let's just agree, then, shall we: math questions disguised as fruit are a terrible idea.

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