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Colorado Department Of Transportation Hiring
If you are looking for a well-paying job whether full or parttime the Colorado Department of Transportation is hiring. There as many as 100 positions available for snowplow drivers. The Colorado Department of Transportation is trying to stay ahead of what appears to be a very busy winte4r...
Fruita One Of The Safest Cities To Live In
When you think about settling down and where to live you think about safety. I want to live in a city or neighborhood that is safe. I don't want a bunch of crime where you never know from one minute until the next if you are going to get robbed, or your car stolen or possibly your house broken …
My Own Nieces And Nephews Vaping
So I had a little get together over the weekend and we were all on our front porch my nieces and Nephews were there and almost everyone took out an e-cigarette. I told them that vaping causes lung illness.