This weekend was a tough one for most people in Western Colorado, most specifically in Grand Junction as a 3-year-old lost her life. It was Saturday night when the word first got out about Adelesia going missing somewhere around 6 p.m. Her family lives near 29 1/2 Road and 30 1/2 Road near Orchard Avenue.

Within just a matter of hours, there were hundreds of people searching for their little girl, scared at the possibility of where she could possibly be. It was around 11 p.m. Saturday night that the Mesa County Sheriff's Office had to call off the search, but as the word continued to spread overnight more people were out searching on Sunday morning.

This was something that could happen to any family, a curious little girl wanting to go explore. Unfortunately, the events turned tragic around 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon as a helicopter assisting the Mesa County Sheriff's Office spotted something in the Grand Valley canal as crews were emptying it to see if Adelesia may have fallen into the canal, and that is where her body was found.

It was a devastating blow to all searchers and especially Adelesia's family. There was a candlelight vigil that was held for the little girl last night on 29 Road with approximately 200 people mourning the little girl's death.

There have been comments since this whole incident began regarding if it's time to put fencing up around the canal so no one else gets hurt. It's obvious that this was a complete accident and no one would want this to happen. Do you think it's time to put a fence around the canal?

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