Have you ever enjoyed the privilege of breakfast at Over Easy? Three weeks ago I had never heard of the place. Someone should bring one of these amazing breakfast restaurants to Grand Junction right away.

Earlier today one of my coworkers suggested someone should open a Snooze A.M. Eatery in Grand Junction. That's an interesting way to entice a business to move here. Call them out publicly via the internet. Looking back on the awesome experience I had at Over Easy in Colorado Springs three weeks ago, it seemed wise to follow this example.

What exactly is an Over Easy? It's a restaurant specializing in healthy breakfast foods. It's a very popular one, too. When I arrived at the location in Colorado Springs, there was a good 30-minute wait. There was another option, namely the community table. This is something I see all over Colorado Springs, but have never seen in Grand Junction. A community table is a place where you can sit down with complete strangers while enjoying your meal. Being a complete introvert and the world's quietest guy, this wasn't going to happen. I sat at the counter.

According to their website, Over Easy - A Daytime Eatery has three locations in Colorado Springs. I've only visited one location. Why did I like it so much? The menu was excellent, and the quality was unmatched. Imagine a great breakfast diner, but with a healthy menu, and gourmet coffee options.

Okay, so I'm one of those weird people who take pictures of their breakfast. Hey, Reba McEntire does it. Every time I see her on Facebook she's posting pictures of her lunch. One of the best selling recording artists of all time, and she takes pictures of her lunch. Go figure. A picture of my friend's breakfast is on top. The photo below was my selection.

over easy 2 Colorado Springs
Waylon Jordan

This may be the trend of the future. Whereas diners were huge in Grand Junction back in the 1970's and 80's, the healthy-option breakfast joint may be the next big craze. I'm already a huge fan of Cafe Sol on Main Street in Grand Junction. Over Easy is very similar.

Are you ready to open one of these in Grand Junction? I'm always ambitious and creative when it comes to other people's money. You should take a risk and invest in this opportunity. Looking at their web page, it's hard to tell if their willing to franchise.

Let's get an Over Easy in Grand Junction right away. We need more health-conscious options. The food is great, the staff is remarkable, and the price was right. I can't afford to open one, so you'll have to take the initiative on this one. Good luck.

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