Have you ever visited a Grand Junction area thrift shop? You would have to set aside an entire weekend to hit them all. Which one is your favorite?

Every morning on my drive to work (if you want to call this work) I pass by at least four thrift shops. In no particular order:

  • Save-A-Pet in Orchard Mesa
  • Good Deal Thrift Store in Orchard Mesa
  • The thrift store right next door to Good Deal Thrift Store - sorry, I can never catch the name on the sign
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store on North Avenue

That's four, and one of them I can't even catch their name. It just so happens this Friday, August 17, is National Thrift Shop Day. It has been suggested some stores will be running specials in honor of the special occasion.

I contacted the Save-A-Pet store on Orchard Mesa, asking if they were holding any sales or specials on Friday. They were unfamiliar with the holiday, and had no plans to run any special deals. Upon mentioning the holiday, however, they expressed an interest and mentioned they would give the matter some thought.

The Grand Junction Salvation Army Family Store, on the other hand, is running a special deal on Friday. They will host "Flashback Friday" on August 17. This Friday, if you bring in an old photo, a prom photo for example, they will give you 25% off your purchase. Again, that's at the Grand Junction Salvation Army Family Store at 1155 N. 4th Street.

Calls were made to several others stores around the valley, most completely unaware of the holiday.

Thrift stores must be a booming enterprise. Last week I tried to donate a truckload of toys, furniture, and home decorations. The Save-A-Pet store had a sign in the window saying the store was "full" and they couldn't accept any more donations at the time. Next stop, the Salvation Army on North Avenue. Due to the number of items I was looking to donate, they asked me to take it to the distribution center at 10th and Ute.

The Salvation Army distribution center was loaded with donations. They were interested in what I had, but weren't quite sure where to put it. Hey, maybe I could go to the Salvation Army and buy back all the items I just donated, and get 25% off in the process!

I have a confession to make. To date, I've never purchased anything at a thrift store. I'm not entirely sure I plan to start. That having been said, it's obvious many people find them fascinating. If that's you, your big day is coming up.

The next time you're in the market for a particular item, why not check out one of the many Grand Junction thrift stores. While most aren't observing this Friday's "holiday," some are. Use it as an excuse to make the rounds. When you go shopping this Friday, which store do you plan to visit?

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