Summer is here - are you ready to hike? I would like to recommend Grand Junction's Lunch Loop network of trails. For the time being, though, some portions are closed.

The City of Grand Junction will be closing several existing trails during the construction of the new Monument Road Trail. According to, the Monument Road Trail construction will cross several existing trails in the lower Three Sisters area. Sections affected include:

  • Kids Meal
  • Hop Skip and Jump
  • Access trail in the northeast corner of the Lunch Loop parking area

The contractor is limited to the new trail alignment as their route to transport materials to and from other areas within the mile-and-a-half corridor. Keep your eyes open. Construction equipment will use this corridor and it will be unsafe to have trail users crossing the construction zone.


So, where do you go if you want to hike at Lunch Loop? You will be detoured to the Tabeguache entrance on the south side of the parking lot. From there, you'll have access to Curt’s Lane between the parking lot and the bike park.

Closures are already in effect and will remain in place until at least October 2019.

I hike Lunch Loop on a regular basis and can assure you this closure will not prevent you from enjoying a great hiking experience. The trail heading south out of the parking lot is excellent. A wide variety of trails are still available for you to enjoy. I would like to recommend staying on the trail and then heading east up Bentonite Hill.

lunch loop map
Google Maps

Don't let the construction stand in the way of your enjoying a fun hike at Lunch Loop. Historically, I've rarely used the trails heading north-east out of the parking area. I believe you'll find plenty of worthy trails waiting for you on the South Side of Lunch Loop. My suggestion would be to utilize them soon and as often as possible.

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