On April 28th a tornado went through Tupelo Mississippi and the security camera at a local church caught all the action as it happened. If you have ever wondered what the inside of one of these beast is like here is you chance to experience it from a safe distance.

Growing up in the mid-west I have been through a couple of these. The worst part is when they hit at night and wake you from a sound sleep. That is always a scary moment when you wake up to the sirens going off.

I had one of those moments when I first moved here. I was living in Fruita and had been at the bar one night. I got home and went to bed with the window open. At about 3am I woke up to the wind howling and started to freak out. I thought a tornado was right on top of us. It took a moment but I did realize there wasn’t a twister and went back to bed.

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