Charges have been brought against a Grand Junction business owner. 20 counts of criminal invasion and one count of sexual harassment for filming a female in the bathroom.

The business, located on the 2100 block of North 12th street, is reported to have had a camera hidden inside a pair of boots that were placed in the bathroom. A female, who some reports say is an employee, spotted a red light from inside one of the boots. Upon further discovery, she was able to locate a camera placed inside the boot pointing at the toilet.

She was able to take the camera and report the activity to Grand Junction Police. After viewing the film, police learned that this female customer had been filmed more than 20 different times since February of this year.

The boots were found out to belong to the business owner and there was some footage of him adjusting the camera.

49-year-old, Scott Hirschbuhl, is scheduled to appear in court June 5. The charges are misdemeanors.

I came across this story on KKCO News website. I remember there was a huge string of landlords being busted for having installed cameras in their rental properties and filming the tenants. That always made me wonder. Then you have to look around your place at possible spots where a camera could fit.

I never liked using public bathrooms, to begin with, but this just upped the ante.

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