Schools are starting to arm teachers with guns to protect other students as well as themselves, so the results if fired upon is usually death.

First of all, we don't know why kids are coming to schools with guns and killing. Some kids say they were bullied others want to know what it is like to kill and yet some kids say they don't understand why they did it. We may never know the answer on why kids kill.

We as a society need to change; we need to reach out to one another with love and acceptance. Maybe some kids at home have it rough, and they bring it to school some show and converse with friends about their homelife others keep it to themselves. But just maybe if we can change our behavior and start accepting those different from ourselves, we would have less violence.

We need to reach out and being critical and judgemental and start loving. If you know someone that you think might be dangerous or possibly planning something violent tell an authority figure so that person may get some help. Start by making a report using your smartphone by downloading the Safe2Tell Colorado mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play or by calling 1-877-542-7233.

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