There's a new scam in Western Colorado that involves Mesa County Valley School District 51's phone number. Here's what Western Coloradans should watch out for.

Scammers Are Using District 51's Phone Number

Both the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and District 51 have posted about this scam on their Facebook to let people in the community know what to look out for. Scammers are using Mesa County Valley School District 51's main phone number to try to get your social security number.

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You Should Only Receive School-Related Calls From This Number

According to District 51's Facebook post:

If you receive a phone call from 970-254-2100 asking for your social security number, THIS IS A SCAM.

When someone asks for your social security number over the phone it's an immediate red flag. Mesa County Valley School District 51 stated that the only legitimate calls you'll receive from this number are school-related.

Verify Messages With Your Kid's School

District 51 also stated on their Facebook that if you're ever uncertain about receiving a call from District 51's main phone number (970-254-2100) let it go to voicemail. D51 says 'when in doubt, let the message go to voicemail and then call your child's school directly to verify.

Not the Only Scam In Western Colorado

Some other recent scams in Western Colorado include scammers pretend to be a law enforcement officer, who tells you that you have a warrant out for arrest. They then ask you for your bank account information and then to lad your money onto a gift card.

Another scam in Western Colorado involved Medicare cards. Scammers would ask you if you've received your new Medicare card and then ask for personal information when you say no.

We'd like to reiterate District 51's statement about their scam and apply it to all scams. If you're in doubt, voicemail it out.

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