This is devastating news as we now officially in the summer season and the Save A Life Jacket Program in Grand Junction is going to have to close. The reason for closing is because the program has already lost $2,500 in life jackets because people take them home after using them on the water all day.

The program is set up for everyone to use these life jackets and it's just plain selfish to take it home so no one else can use it. We all can make a mistake and take one home but now is the time to make sure you return the life jacket(s).

The program is going to continue stocking the life jackets until they are all gone just so people are being safe on the water. The life jackets that have been taken home over the past three weeks along is 90 life jackets. Just last week we reported that there have been six deaths on Colorado water in just the past week. These life jackets are vital to saving lives.

As you can see from the post on Facebook by the Save A Life Jacket Program of Grand Junction, Colorado it captured a lot of attention as it was shared over 1,000 times and had been commented on over 140 times. And almost every comment said the same thing about how sad it is that people would take these home so they couldn't be utilized by the entire community. It also makes it hard for residents to donate money as more will just continue to go missing.

Hopefully, as this story gets shared it raised awareness and we see a large number of life jackets returned.

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