With the temperatures getting hot over the past few weeks you're finding more and more people trying to get outdoors many trying to spend time in the water. We have the perfect weather and lots of bodies of water for people to enjoy across the state of Colorado but you have to be very careful as water is unforgiving and can take your life in an instant. Unfortunately, that has happened too much recently, as KDVR is reporting there have been six deaths in Colorado waters over just the past week.

Last Friday, there were two Fort Carson soldiers that drowned at Lake Pueblo. Last weekend, there was a man at Lake Dillon that drowned while sailing. Another man passed away after falling off his innertube at Chatman Reservior. Then there were two deaths in Clear Creek outside of Golden. And the one close to us is the man found in the Palisade irrigation ditch.

One common theme with all of these tragic events is that no one was wearing a life jacket. Regardless of your swimming ability, you need to have access to a life jacket before you're in a dangerous situation. Also, if you're drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana you should not be entering the water.

Things can go bad quickly when your spending time on the water please be safe especially as we kick off a weekend with hot temperatures expected. The last thing we want is to report more deaths on the water here in Colorado.

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