Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant was on hand to photograph several United States Presidents while they made visits to Western Colorado.

Check out a number of photos of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Ford, Reagan, and Bush, as they visit Grand Junction, Colorado.

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Presidents In Grand Junction, Colorado

In no particular order, these photos of past Presidents were mostly taken at either Walker Field (Grand Junction Regional Airport) or at the train station in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Watch the video and you'll see images of Presidents Eisenhower, Truman, Reagan, Ford, and Bush.

About The Photographer

Robert E. Grant was a Western Colorado native who served as the Chief Photographer at the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel from the late 1930s until his retirement in 1985. He did leave the Daily Sentinel for a few years to serve with the United States Army in World War II.

About The Images

The majority of the photos included in the video were taken by Bob Grant during his tenure with the Daily Sentinel. The photos of George H.W. Bush were taken well after Bob Grant's retirement. In that instance, he no longer possessed a press pass, and the images were captured from his place in the audience.

Presidents And Their Pictures

The only President in the gallery to know Bob Grant on a first-name basis was Gerald Ford. He and Bob Grant eventually came to be acquaintances.

On a Side Note

As of this date, Monday, February 20, 2023, the personal photo collection of Robert Grant, including prints and negatives, along with his cameras and equipment, are being gathered to be donated to the Museum of Western Colorado. Keep your eyes and ears open for updates.

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