With all the controversy lately about guns, gun control and even open carry gun laws, there is nothing left to wonder about when it comes to this Rifle, Colo. gun-loving restaurant right in our backyard.

Got guns? Feel free to bring them into this Amercian/Mexican restaurant appropriately called Shooters Grill. Even the waitresses carry guns, but don't worry they are not loaded. The old west style decor will take you back to a time when it was normal for cowboys and the local Sheriff to carry their six-shooters or rifles in public.

Personally I love the fact that this restaurant is pretty much sticking it's middle finger up to the rest of the country and saying they are going to do what they want. I have my CCW permit and my firearm will stay concealed. I see no need or reason to advertise that fact I have a firearm or am carrying one.

Whether Shooters Grill is just having fun, celebrating our Second Amendment rights, or this is just a great marketing ploy - whatever- it's working. Capitalism at it's best

In case you are wondering, Shooters Grill does not serve alcohol. And bad service or not, I'd still leave at least a 20% tip.

When Mack contacted Shooter Grill for permission to use their sign they said,

we love people and would never flip them off Also...we "invite" customers and staff...no one is made to have a gun before they come in....all in all thanks for your support God bless you

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