The Grand Junction restaurant rumor mill is heating up the western Colorado winter.

A Dream Come True?

We talk all the time about restaurants we wish would come to Grand Junction, and it looks like at least some of those wishes may be coming true. Social media is all abuzz about 10 restaurants that appear to be on their way.

In some cases, we have official confirmation while others may not have the "official' word yet, but all signs are pointing to these new additions in Grand Junction.

Not Everyone In Grand Junction Is Happy About It

I've read some of the reactions to the news on social media, and not everyone is happy and excited about it. In fact, some people seem downright angry that more chain restaurants are coming to Grand Junction, and are bemoaning the fact that we aren't getting more "local" restaurants.

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The Power and Popularity of Chains

Well, I understand their feelings to a point, although I am someone who typically enjoys chain restaurants. These restaurants typically are a proven, consistent commodity that appeals to particular niches in the restaurant world. Sure, I enjoy local restaurants as much as the next person, but guess, what? Going into the restaurant business is a huge, costly, and risky venture. It's not something that is easily done. Chains have the power of numbers and the resources to open in various locations - and typically they offer a quality product. That's why they are successful.

10 New Restaurants Reportedly Coming To Grand Junction

Here is a look at 10 restaurants that are said to be coming to Gand Junction, along with the purported locations. Some of these require new construction, while others are moving into existing structures. At least one is already up and getting close to opening day.

A List of Missed Long Gone Grand Junction Bars + Restaurants

Here's a list of long gone Grand Junction bars and restaurants that are missed. Grand Junction will never forget these bars and restaurants that are long gone.

DIshes We Miss Most From Former Grand Junction Colorado Restaurants

Can you think of a dish from a former Grand Junction restaurant you wish you could enjoy all over again?

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