If you shop at Walmart there is no doubt that you have seen changes taking place within all of their stores. I'm normally stopping by the location on North Avenue on my way home to grab something for dinner. But after seeing construction underway for a few weeks it was clear that McDonald's' was leaving its location within the big box store, but it also made me think of what should replace the fast-food giant.

The news came out a few months ago according to FOX 23, that only 150 Walmart locations would continue to have McDonald's' restaurants within their store. This agreement between the two giant companies had been in place since 1994 and was up to 800+ locations together. There were 200 McDonalds' locations within Walmart stores that struggled last year and didn't make it to 2021.

I Had To Ask A Grand Junction Walmart Employee If They Knew What Would Replace McDonald's in the Store on North Avenue

The employee that I spoke with on North Avenue was really sweet when telling me that she had no information to share about what could possibly be replacing McDonald's'. That is not a local decision so not even store management had any details to share about the vacant spot at the front of the store.

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Walmart Says Two Big Names Have Discussed Opening Locations Within Their Stores

According to Walmart executives, both Dominos Pizza and Taco Bell have discussed replacing McDonald's' but no deal is done yet.

If it were up to you, what would you like to see inside of Walmart stores here in Grand Junction?

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