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There have been lots of people not happy with our Representative for Pueblo County and the Western Slope, Lauren Boebert. She is firm in her beliefs, and this is something that everyone in Colorado has known especially over the past year as her campaign was picking up steam until she won her election. Another thing we know about Boebert is she is not afraid to show her appreciation for who she calls one of the greatest commanders in chief in U.S. History, President Donald Trump.

So, it really shouldn't be a gigantic surprise that Rep. Boebert has decided to not attend the inauguration of the new President-elect Joe Biden. In details released by Fox 21 News, Boebert explained that to make the inauguration she would have to miss out on multiple days of family time which most people can understand.

There have been people that have directly blamed Boebert for some of the violence that took place in the U.S. Capitol but she has also called the actions of those same rioters indefensible and saying they should be charged in a court of law for their actions.

Rep. Boebert admitted to feeling vulnerable in the House Chambers during the attack, she believes firmly in our second amendment rights but on the House floor, no firearms are allowed.

In just a short period of time Boebert has dealt with death threats all just for doing what we know her to do, stand proud in her beliefs. Something tells me this won't be the last thing we hear about Rep. Lauren Boebert for a while.

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