The world has lost one of its true gentlemen, not to mention one incredible drummer. Western Colorado resident and musician extraordinaire Paul Kelly passed away on Wednesday.

Chances are, if you ever attended a Blues jam, or any music festival featuring Blues or Jazz, you probably heard Paul perform. In addition to being a true performer, he also pursued a lifelong study of music. Paul Kelly was the driving force behind most of the music clinics in Grand Junction. At times, I had to wonder if he wasn't flipping the bill out of his own pocket.

For those who have visited Hart Music in downtown Grand Junction, Paul was the kind man who wanted very much to show you the latest at greatest drum and percussion equipment. The folks at Hart Music typically introduced him as "Farmer Paul."

Take a moment to watch this little video I made of various pictures I've taken of Paul over the years. In some, you'll have to look for Paul, he's hanging out behind the drums. Hope you enjoy.

Unfortunately, with Paul's death, comes the biggest regret of my life. Paul tried time and time again to get me to come up and play with him at the Blues jams. For whatever reason, I always opted not to. This is a regret I'll never have a chance to rectify.

Many musicians are in shock over the news of Paul's death. Some had just spoken to him as early as Wednesday morning.

I lost a dear friend and mentor tonight, Paul Kelly. I am grateful that I got to see him today. We exchanged our usual banter back and forth, and as always, enjoyed the moment. It's because of Paul that I started drumming again. That has lead to great new relationships in my life. He is a key figure in my life and I will always miss him dearly" - Max McFarland / drummer - Desert Flyer Band

There is an experience in our world, that extends into our very being. The sharing of a dream, brings us closer together than blood, and makes us a greater whole than the sum of our parts. To be able to express our shared dreams while maintaining our individualism is part of what makes us who we are, and enables us to be more than we were yesterday. This is what we were able to do with Paul. The dreams we shared made us all, more. Thank you, Paul." - Ric Scott   guitarist