Looking back at that bizarre Colorado Balloon Boy story eight years ago.

Who can forget this Colorado story? Let's meet the Fenne family. Parents Richard and Mayumi Henne and their son Falcon.

It was almost eight years ago when the entire nation had its eyes and attention on the skies above Colorado. There was a "missing" six-year-old boy from Fort Collins, a large balloon floating high above and, to be honest, a couple of crazy a-- parents.

The video below is the first time we see and hear this incredible story.

Then the balloon part. The claim was that their son was in the balloon during the50-milee flight. However, no sign of the boy was found when the balloon came back down to Earth.

Slowly the story begins to fall apart. Later, the boy was actually found hiding in the family home attic. The parents eventually did confess to making this story up as part of a publicity stunt. They were charged with several crimes, spent time in jail and had to pay $36,000 in costs and fees.

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