A well-known and obviously well-liked western Colorado food venue will be opening a new location in Grand Junction this coming Monday, March 1, 2021. Are you ready?

Have you had a chance to visit "Quench"? To be perfectly honest, I'm not familiar with them. According to their official Facebook page:

We are a fun, quick way to get amazing, flavored drinks and delicious cookies and snacks through the drive-through. Flavor shots, creamers, and fruit puree jazz up your soda or sparkling water.

It appears this is "the" place to go in the valley. Looking at their Facebook page, it seems every one of my friends "likes" this place. I'm not sure how it is I'm not familiar with it.

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Looking at their menu, you'll see everything from mixers, cookies, water refreshers, pretzels, popcorn, even nachos. You'll find the menu items' various designations unique and interesting. For example:

  • Independence on the Rocks - a mixture of Sprite, peach, and original cream
  • Soccer Mom - Dr. Pepper, strawberry puree, vanilla cream
  • Biker's Flow - Stubborn agave cream soda, black cherry, vanilla cream
  • Happy Dance - Lemonade, strawberry, strawberry puree, true lime

Where are you going to find all this yummy stuff? The new Quench location is coming to 1122 N. 12th Street in Grand Junction. Their business hours at the new location are listed as 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Quench New Grand Junction Location
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In regards to the opening of the new location, the Quench Facebook page states, "It’s going to be epic!" I believe this will be epic. Obviously, they have a prime location. Located directly across from the Moss Performing Arts Center at CMU, this location offers walk-up and drive-through convenience, not to mention nearby parking. I somehow suspect this new business is going to do very well.

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