We've seen the warnings on Facebook and other social media outlets, but should you really be concerned about your kids receiving Halloween candy laced with pot?

The straight answer, no. While there are some devious characters in the world, stoners won't hand out their prized edibles.

It's always been a concern for parents, the possibility that a deranged lunatic stuffed the treats with a razor, poison, needles or anything else harmful. The truth is, these reports are few and far between if any at all.

So let's look at people handing out pot-laced candies.

If someone is going to buy a marijuana edible, they probably won't just give them out to anyone, period. These candy bars, gummy bears, and other variations are expensive.

Looking at one of Colorado's recreational pot shops' menus, it's close to $20 a pop for one piece of candy. ONE! Who in their right mind would hand out a $20 piece of candy? Say you have 30 ghosts and witches stop at your house, that would be $600 in candy... Who in their right mind would spend that much on a few kids?

Seriously, the worst part about hitting up a stoners house on Halloween, they've eaten all the candy before the trick-or-treaters arrive. But if you do stop at a stoners house on Halloween, you're sure to hear, "Dude! Check out this little Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle, man. Rock on little Donatello, muh man, love the green."

If there is a place handing out pot-infused candies, all you'll need to do is share the location and we're sure there would be enough adults that would dress up to get their hands on some free treats -- heck, they'd probably have a few costume changes to get their fill.

We're not saying you should just let your tykes mow down on their hoards of sweets, you should always double check to be safe.

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