Grand Junction City officials are looking into changing the names of North Avenue and 12th Street. 

In an idea that began with the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, changing the names of two of the busiest streets in town would help Colorado Mesa University reach a 20,000 student mark. The CMU20000 project is leading the charge.

According to reports, the proposal would then make North Avenue into University Boulevard and 12th Street would become Maverick Way.

Now, this may seem like an honorable thing to do. Colorado Mesa University is a VERY important, (if still underrated) part of this community. CMU2000 reported that in 2016 CMU had a $447.5 million impact on the Grand Junction area. So, what's the big deal about changing a couple of street signs, right?

I was in Green Bay, WI when talk of something exactly like this came up. Changing street names to honor a person or some other significant thing. The push back came from every single residence and business on those streets.

All of them, especially the businesses, would have to make quite an investment into changing their address. All stationery, postal items, business cards, websites Facebook pages, etc. would be affected. Some companies would have to simply throw away thousands and thousands of dollars worth of all of that kind of stuff.

Not sure it would be the same result here, but that's what I have seen.

No decision has been made. However, a request for approval will be made at the next city council meeting.

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