A very popular Grand Junction restaurant operating on Horizon Drive is about to relocate. Don't worry, they aren't moving far.

Enzo's Pizzeria and Italian Cafe, currently located at 759 Horizon Drive, will make the move to the old Sushi Rok located next to the Horizon Drive Pizza Hut.

When will the big move commence? The crew at Enzo's isn't entirely sure. I called them earlier today, and they estimate the move will be made by December. There is still construction work to be done on the new facility.

Just how far are they moving? According to Google Maps, this migration will carry them a distance of exactly 0.7 miles. By the time you take into account roundabouts and stoplights, Google Maps expects the voyage will take a total of 2 minutes. Since most people live closer to the south end of Horizon Drive than the north end, this puts Enzo's a few notches closer to town. Think of how convenient that will be.

Enzo's Horizon Drive Map
Google Maps

It will be nice to see Enzo's operating out of their very own building. Their current location is excellent, but this will probably prove to be even better.

Good luck on the move. I'm sure your customers are looking forward to this new venue.

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