In case you missed it a Colorado man was awarded $7.2 million dollars  for this!

Apparently a jury has decided that the man developed a chronic obstructive disease known as "popcorn lung" from inhaling a chemical used to flavor microwave popcorn!

Now I love the butteriest popcorn out there just as much as the next guy, but I don't love it so much I sit around inhaling the fumes. . . unless someone at the office burns the darn bag (so maybe I don't LOVE it as much as this guy)!

But seriously who knew it could kill you?! To be honest you would think that if ate 2 to 3 bags of anything every day you'd stop and wonder what effects it was having on your health, right?!

Not this guy, after eating two to three bags a day and intentionally inhaling the butter-smelling steam after he opened each bag he charges that the popcorn manufacturer and the supermarket chain that sold it were negligent for not placing warnings on the labels.

He has been the first popcorn consumer diagnosed with the disease, and lets hope the only!