I'm one of those people who mean to do good but always seem to forget. For example, I go to the grocery store probably around four times per week and my wife put one of those reusable bags on the passenger side of my car. I see it in there daily, yet I still forget to take it into the store with me. But I better learn to bring it in soon as there is a new bill that was proposed that would end plastic bags and styrofoam use at grocery stores and restaurants in Colorado.

We have all seen the videos of the turtles choking on plastic bags in the ocean and we don't want anything to happen to the sea creatures. While I am going to have to get into a new routine of bringing a reusable bag to the store with me, I understand the change it can have on the environment if we were to ban all plastic bags and styrofoam. Essentially, I don't like the sound of it, but I understand why the change needs to be made.

If the Proposed Bill Passed When Would the Ban on Plastic Bags and Styrofoam Go Into Effect?

The new bill proposed would include a ten-cent charge for each single-use bag or even a recycled paper bag beginning in September and this would be statewide according to CBS4.

By September of 2022, all stores would be required to switch to recyclable paper bags only. The styrofoam ban would begin in January and would be implemented in all schools by 2024.

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What Seems Challenging About Eliminating All Plastic Bags and Styrofoam in Colorado

It does seem like a tough time to make this change seeing as how so many restaurants have had to adjust to more of a takeout model. Styrofoam is cheap, so I hope this doesn't increase costs too much after the tough year they have already had to deal with.

Only time will tell if this bill passes, but it might not be long until plastic bags and styrofoam are gone forever in Colorado.

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