There are so many questions being asked as we inch closer to another academic year kicking off soon. This means many students at CMU are wondering what their year is going to look like. Well here are the details that we know so far.

According to KJCT, currently, CMU is planning on in-person learning for the upcoming semester. This seems to be the most popular opinion with students, although there are still a lot of students that are worried about a possible COVID-19 outbreak after students return to campus.

The Vice President of Student Service, John Marshall said, "Every student on their phone, will have an app that allows them to track symptoms".

This means that all CMU students enrolled in the next semester will have to do a daily check-in through their phone. Each student will need to report how they are feeling medically before they are allowed to enter their classroom.

The hope behind this is to identify anyone showing symptoms of the virus before they take it onto campus and it spreads.

So, as of now, in-person learning seems to be the way that CMU is planning on teaching students this upcoming semester but each class may look a little different just depending on the format.

Classes at CMU are set to begin the same day as students go back to school in District 51 which is Monday, August 17th. Fingers crossed this school year goes better than last year with all of the unexpected hurdles students and teachers had to deal with.

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