A plane crashed on a major highway in Colorado today, Tuesday, March 8, 2022, leaving two injured.

Where in Colorado Did the Plane Crash?

Like a scene out of an action movie, the plane was forced to land on the median of Colorado's E-470 which is a major Colorado highway on the state's front range. The highway provides a connection between the Denver area and Denver International Airport which is located north of the metro area, as well as Centennial Airport which is located south of the metro area in Douglas County.

The plane was leaving Centennial Airport and crashed on the median of the highway between South Jamaica and South Peoria streets in the Denver area.

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What Happened to the Plane For it to Crash?

Although it is unclear as to what exactly happened that led to the plane crashing, it has been reported that the two people that suffered injuries were the only occupants of the plane, indicating that the plane was most likely relatively small in size.

While we don't know exactly what happened, there is video footage of the crash which shows that the plane's engine caught on fire which consequently also started a small grass fire in the area at which it crashed.

Luckily, the fire was not terribly serious as South Metro Fire Rescue was able to contain it both on the plane and the subsequent grass fire.

What Happened to the People Aboard?

The identities of the two passengers that were aboard the plane have not yet been released but luckily, it would seem that the injuries were non-life-threatening despite local emergency personnel rushing them to the hospital for treatment following the crash.

It's also unclear as to where the plane was going but it has been reported that it was heading south from the Centennial Airport prior to crashing.

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