If you travel, chances are you've visited Colorado's Denver International Airport more than a few times. The place is huge, busy, and chugs along at a lightning pace.

With almost infinite moving parts, many are amazed DIA manages to operate as smoothly as it does. There are, however, those who have a lower opinion. Many published complaints fall well within the category of "trivial." Some of those are just downright funny. Here's a look at hilarious 1-start Google reviews of Denver International Airport.

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What Brought This Up?

I just flew from Grand Junction, Colorado to Tampa, Florida. Flights in both directions included layovers at Denver International Airport. Looking back over the years, I've been through DIA dozens of times, but in each case, they were all connections. To date, I don't recall flying directly from DIA. So, with that, I've never dealt with security at DIA, and have never experienced an adventure with parking.

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Personal experiences with DIA, until yesterday, were always positive. Yesterday's connection from DIA to Grand Junction was a bit rough. Between a late arrival, augmented by a number of gate changes, it was only by the slightest of margins that I made my connection. When it was all said and done, though, no biggie. One crummy visit out of dozens of positives.

Facts About Colorado's Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport, situated amidst the stunning landscapes of Colorado, has been a bustling hub of travel since its opening on February 28, 1995. It stands as one of the world's busiest airports, welcoming millions of passengers each year. In fact, according to flydenver, in 2023 alone, a staggering 77.8 million travelers passed through its gates, making it a vital artery of transportation.

DIA's significance extends beyond mere travel. The airport serves as a substantial economic engine for the state of Colorado, contributing $36.4 billion annually, according to flydenver.com.

A Few More Facts About DIA

In terms of traffic volume, DIA ranks as the third busiest airport in the United States and the fifth busiest in the world, offering connectivity to over 200 nonstop destinations.

On any given day, an average of 312,254 people traverse through DIA, proof of the sheer magnitude of its operations. DIA holds the distinction of being the largest airport site in North America and the second-largest in the world.

Along Comes Google Reviews

Despite its efficiency, DIA is not immune to criticism, as evidenced by occasional 1-star reviews on platforms like Google. Several negative reviews revolve around issues such as missed flights due to the airport's extensive size or delays caused by security procedures.

Denver International Airport stands as a testament to the intersection of efficiency and natural beauty. Its architecture, coupled with the panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains creates an unforgettable backdrop.

Unfortunately, every once in a while one of the bathroom stalls runs out of toilet paper, or heaven forbid, someone doesn't get enough mocha or caramel or whatever foo foo it is they put in coffee, and someone writes a blistering 1-star Google review.

We do this on occasion - post funny 1-star reviews of Colorado attractions. Most reviews are absurd, and they are shared all for the sake of getting a good laugh. Here's a look at a few capable of generating a chuckle or two.

HIlariously Nasty 1-Star Google Reviews of Colorado's Denver International Airport

Visiting an airport is rarely fun. Hardly anyone reports having an intellectual experience while being funneled through TSA or spending four hours waiting to catch a connection.

Most of the time, a visit to an airport is just that - a visit to the airport. From time to time, though, trouble can arise, a flight gets delayed, Starbucks on Concourse A doesn't serve your coffee at the preferred temperature, or the bathroom runs out of paper towels.

While most flights are uneventful, some suffer what they might consider a "bad experience." Most are trivial. With that, here's a look at a selection of hilariously nasty 1-star Google reviews of Colorado's Denver International Airport.

PLEASE NOTE: Reviews are copied exactly as they appear on Google Reviews.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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