Summertime in Grand Junction means all kinds of visitors. Unlike the winter guests who stay close to the ski resorts, this is the time of year that means everyone wants to rent a jeep or head out on horseback.

Why not? This is one of the greatest states you could visit to enjoy mountain views and the best outdoor activities anywhere in the Rockies. We asked about destinations you would recommend to someone visiting the state for the first time. You crushed it. Below is a list of great ideas, and a few hilarious suggestions as well.

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What is Colorado's Most Visited Attraction?

Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Garden of the Gods are Colorado's Top 3 most visited attractions. We saw all three show up in your comments below.

Make a Colorado Destination Bucket List

Scroll through the comments below and see the many destinations we would recommend to those visiting Colorado. Some folks recommended all the Colorado mountain passes to try and persuade visitors to go home. All in good fun. Most have some great ideas that your guests will love. You can't go wrong enjoying the great outdoors in Colorado.

What Colorado Destination Should Every Visitor See Once?

Tap the link at the end of the photos below to add your pick to the list. You can also share your favorite place in Colorado that everyone should see at least once by pressing the chat button on our station app.

Grand Junction Selects One Place Every Colorado Visitor Should Go See

It's the time of year when friends come to town. Do you have a favorite destination in Colorado that you love showing to friends or family? Is there one place your friends always seem to want to go to? Tell us about it below.

MORE: What is a Colorado Town that Most People Mispronounce?

There are plenty of Colorado towns that people just can't pronounce correctly. It's not just the newbies either. Plenty of Colorado natives also have issues saying and spelling towns in our state as well. Which one always gets you? Let's take a look:

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We're remembering some of the great pizza places in Grand Junction through the years with a list of your favorites below. It's impossible to pick just one. Grab our station app to tell us your favorite or tap the link at the end of the gallery. Bon Appetit!

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