They say a penny saved is a penny earned - and a dollar stretched goes a lot farther and lasts a lot longer.

Did You Have Penny-Pinching Parents?

Not everybody can relate to the idea of having to pinch pennies to make ends meet, but a lot of us can. Many of us grew up with penny-pinching parents - doing what they had to do to provide the best life possible for their families and to pay the bills.

Our parents' money-saving ways may not have seemed odd at the time, but now we can look back and realize that some of the methods might have been a little on the unconventional side.

Six Baths, One Tub of Water

Recently, I asked our listeners to share something their parents did to save money and make ends meet. Perhaps the strangest one we saw was from Karen who said she remembers her family of six taking baths right after each other- implying everyone was using the same water.

Water Down the Shampoo

Have you ever done this? Brandi mentioned her parents adding water to the shampoo and conditioner when they were running low in order to make it last longer.  I hate to admit it, but once upon a time, I did the same thing.

Odd Things Our Parents Did To Pinch Pennies

When times are hard, people do whatever they have to do to make it work - and sometimes that means pinching pennies and stretching those dollars. We asked our listeners to name something their parents did to make their money go further. Scroll on to see some of their interesting responses.

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