When it closed in October of 2017, no one knew for sure if the Pikes Peak Cog Railway would ever run again.

We now have the answer to that question as it has been reported that it will reopen in 2021 after Oklahoma Publishing, the parent company, announced it was putting almost  $100 million into the reconstruction of the beloved railway.

The nearly 130-year-old cog railway has been a beloved attraction for generations and many were saddened by the news that it was closing. During the summer, negotiations began with an eye towards tax breaks as the plans went ahead for the reconstruction of the railway that goes to the summit of Pike's Peak.

While not everyone in the community was on board with the agreement, ultimately it was signed and the announcement was made that construction would begin in the summer of 2019.

The reconstruction includes removing all of the track and replacing it with a new track, decommissioning four of the eight cars and refurbishing the other four, which will raise seating from 212 to 240. They will also rebuild the depot.

Once again we can all look forward to taking the trip up to the top of Pikes Peak on the beloved Cog Railway.

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