Is there a word or phrase that just makes you want to scratch your eyeballs out every time you hear it?

Enough Is Enough

Catch phrases and cliches have probably been around for as long as the English language has been in existence. They have their place in our daily communication. But, some phrases have just worn out their welcome and we just don't want to hear them ever again. For example, whoever coined the phrase "a penny saved is a penny earned" wasn't paying over four dollars for a gallon of gas.

New terms and phrases are evolving all the time, and thanks to television, cell phones, and social media they spread like wildfire. Today's generation has a whole new list of terms that those over 40 will probably never adopt - let alone understand. Today, if a young person says something is  "sick" - that means it's totally cool. if they are "vibing" it's just a new way of saying they are "chilling" or "relaxing."

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Are You Silently Cringing Inside?

We encounter words, cliches, and phrases that just make us roll our eyes. Most of the time, these moments pass without incident, but deep inside we are silently cringing. Phrases like it's the new normal" or "you only live once" are very common, but, the fact is, we are tired of hearing them.

Words And Phrases Grand Junction Is Tired of Hearing

Recently, I asked my friends and listeners to give me a word or phrase that drives them crazy. Scroll through the responses below to see which words and phrases are driving us bonkers. I wonder how many of these are a regular part of your daily vocabulary.

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