If you are a dog lover, you're going to love Merlin, the Grand Junction Police K9.

A Part of the Grand Junction Team Since 2018

Officer Joey Gonzalez and Merlin joined the Grand Junction Police Department in 2018 and they work together to fight crime in the city, locate illegal drugs, and even find missing persons. The Grand Junction Police Department recently shared a video to illustrate this police partnership.

K9 Merlin was selected for police work from a kennel in Utah. Officer Gonzalez says picking Merlin out of a group of 10 dogs was a matter of matching the dog's personality with his, looking at Merlin's drive and his ability to do what they need him to do.

The Work of A Police Dog

Merlin's police work included tracking, patrol, and narcotics sniffs. Gonzalez says he works with Merlin several times a week in each of these areas. He says police dogs are not trained to kill, but when they are called upon to attack - it is going to hurt.

As Merlin's partner, Officer Gonzalez is responsible for his care including feeding, bathing, medical, and all the things involved in taking care of a dog that is so valuable to the team.

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Merlin Is Definitely A Part of the Team

Gonzalez says Merlin is definitely part of the team at the Grand Junction Police Department and is a very popular team member along with Grand Junction's other police K9, Nero. Gonzalez says everybody always wants to know where the dogs are and wants to pet them. "They are more a part of the team than people realize," says Gonzalez.

Meet Merlin, The Loveable Grand Junction Police K9

Officer Joey Gonzales and K9 Merlin have been a part of the Grand Junction Police Department since 2018. Here is a closer look at these crime-fighting partners.

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