Here's your chance to share your photography with the rest of Grand Junction, Colorado. Imagine seeing your Western Colorado photos in a calendar.

Visit Grand Junction is accepting photos for the 2023 Grand Junction City Calendar. Here's your chance to be seen.

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Share Your Grand Junction, Colorado Photos

Have you enjoyed a chance to get out and explore the Grand Junction area? Did you happen to snap any photos? My guess is the photos were probably awesome. Imagine sharing them for use in a calendar seen by thousands.

Visit Grand Junction shared this message on their official Facebook page:

It’s that time of the year again! Show off your stunning photos of the Grand Junction area for a chance to be featured in the 2023 Grand Junction City Calendar!

Great Images You Already Have

So far this morning I've seen several amazing photos on Facebook showing off the unbelievable rainbows after yesterday's showers. Why not show those off to the world via an amazing calendar? Your digital images can be easily uploaded to the site and shared by Visit Grand Junction.

Why Share Your Photos?

The website CYME shared an article entitled "The Culture of Sharing Images." The article opens with the statement, "The very first desire to share an image is undoubtedly that of transmitting the feelings it arouses while looking at it." That certainly makes sense. Why, though, should we share images? The article continues:

This cabinet of visual curiosities summons emotions and lists the territories that animate us: beauty, tenderness, poetry, the wow effect, memories, aspirations, the surges of the world or the bright side of life…. All this constitutes the foundation of this intimate catalogue, perhaps even an identity–a kind of modest and intellectual selfie, that of our inner being.

Six Reasons To Share Your Photos For This Calendar

Digital Photography School offers a list of reasons why "Photography Matters." Please ponder these six ideas. They may motivate you to submit your photos for Grand Junction's calendar.

Complex Language
Important To Us
Make Us an Artist
Power To Move Us
Share and Communicate

I happen to agree with the statements above. My grandfather, Robert Grant, published a Grand Junction calendar for decades. They've become popular keepsakes. I know for a fact he enjoyed sharing the photos every bit as much as people enjoyed seeing them. Check out the gallery below, and you'll see it for yourself.

Let's Make It Simple

Grand Junction and its surrounding areas are magnificent, to say the least. Photo ops are endless. When you capture a breathtaking image, why not share it? Should you choose to share your images, what better place to share than a calendar to be distributed throughout the valley.

Don't delay. The deadline to submit your photos is August 5, 2022.

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