Phoenix Jones' league of super hero crime fighters, the "Rain City Superhero Movement," is going national, and the latest member of the movement has just been unveiled.

Welcome "Crimson Fist," the leader of the new Atlanta, Georgia, chapter of the Rain City Superhero Movement. While Crimson Fist is new to the RCSM, he is no stranger to crime fighting. Crimson Fist has been safeguarding the Five Points and Castleberry Hill regions of Atlanta since 2006.

According to Phoenix Jones, Crimson Fist "patrols high risk areas to deter crime and look for people in need of assistance, as well as feeding and distributing supplies to the homeless." Phoenix Jones adds, "This is all part of a multi-faceted approach to community improvement through curing the symptoms of crime."

Crimson Fist says it was not an easy road that led to his crime fighting campaign. He says it was a history of substance abuse that motivated him to look inward for answers and the strength to move forward. "I led a bad life and treated people rather poorly, and thought I should make up for that," he said.

Phoenix Jones states, "As a member of the extended RCSM family, he [Crimson Fist] hopes to work closely with the people of downtown Atalanta, and empower them to help change their communities and their world."

Jones further adds, "He is a man of action... will you be as well?"