You may have heard the creators of South Park are interested in purchasing Colorado's legendary Casa Bonita restaurant. There is a petition circulating asking the owners of Casa Bonita to sell the business to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the talents behind South Park. Here's where you can sign.

The petition at reads, "We don't want you anymore. We want Matt and Trey. You say you aren't ready to sell, we say you are." As of this morning, August 2, 2021, a total of 1,346 people have already signed.

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Are They Really Interested in Buying?

Yesterday Fox 31 reported Trey Parker and Matt Stone had told the Hollywood Reporter they had an interest in purchasing the restaurant. I haven't seen many episodes of South Park, but I do recall one instance where Cartman commandeered a field trip or something like that and ran amok at Casa Bonita.

Outlined in the Petition

The creator of the petition at specifies the following issues with the restaurant:

  • Horrible food served with no shame
  • Arcade games are broken
  • Prizes are lame
  • Gift shop has embarrassingly few items
  •  No Mariachi band
  • No baloons
  • Treasure Room previously featured Tootsie Rolls (apparently no longer available)
  • Pink Pony played horribly loud music

Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

On July 31 TMZ reported Casa Bonita's parent company, Summit Family Restaurants, had no desire to sell. You may recall the restaurant had filed for bankruptcy some time ago. As of the time of TMZ's report, Trey Parker and Matt Stone had not yet expressed an interest to Summit.

I Have No Stake In This

I've never been to Casa Bonita. For that matter, I've rarely seen an episode of South Park. I do care about people getting their jobs back and watching Colorado businesses thrive. With that, I'm simply offering a link to the petition if you choose to sign it.

If You Want Change

Again, I don't have a dog in this fight. If you are a fan of Casa Bonita and/or South Park, you may want to jump on board with this petition. It's there for the signing.

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