According to the restaurant's Facebook page, "Lemonade just got a delicious makeover." That sounds about right. Check out this awesome Western Colorado drink special for June.

Each month, Applebee's Grill and Bar unleashes a drink special, usually to the tune of $1. June is no exception. Behold the $1 Vodka Raspberry Lemonade. (applause)

That's right, starting June 1, 2019, for the entire month of June, enjoy a Vodka Raspberry Lemonade at Applebee's for just $1. According to the Facebook page, it is made with:

  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Lemonade
  • Raspberry flavor
  • Vodka

Check out the video below. This video does not any way reflect the exact ingredients or portions used by Applebee's. It will, however, wet your whistle.

I've said it a dozen times, and have yet to follow through - I might just have to give this a try. I keep saying that, and then fail to get down to the restaurant to try it.

Let's face it, vodka can really hit the spot. A vodka seven on a hot summer day is nothing short of paradise. The idea of a vodka-raspberry-lemonade sounds pretty good, too. It's a little busy for my tastes, but it still sounds good. Enjoy this delicious $1 special starting June 1.

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