The Gatorade bath is up there with the wave and booing A-Rod in terms of things in sports so overdone you tend not to give it a second thought when you see it.

It's when it goes horribly wrong that it's worth taking note of.

Case in point: the Florida Gators won their second consecutive NCAA softball title on Wednesday night, beating Michigan.

After the game, a few players tried to do the culturally expected and accepted thing by dumping Gatorade on coach Tim Walton. Well, actually, it looks like Powerade, if you believe the writing on the bucket. Which is weird, considering Gatorade was developed at Florida. But we digress. The bath didn't go well. At all. There hasn't been a dumping this ugly since Brad cut Jen to be with Angelina.

Walton saw it coming and didn't even bother to get out of the way. His players marched over to him and barely got him wet. Maybe they grazed his shoulder.

Florida has now won two titles in a row, so when camp opens next season, Walton would not be presumptuous in the least if he dug around for a copy of "Gatorade Dumping for Dummies" and ordered his team to read it. Or maybe the team needs to be forced to drink Vitamin Water until it gets its act together and displays an aptitude for properly dumping a sports drink over another human being.

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