Meet the catcher who thinks she's playing hockey.

In this video, a catcher for Texas' Needville High School's softball team shoves two baserunners when they cross home plate, even though there was no play on either of them.

The not-so-subtle moves took place during Needville's state championship game against Huffman Hargrave High School.

The catcher first drills her left arm into the first runner, sending her tumbling to the ground. Proving it's as much a part of her game as, say, swinging at a strike, the catcher pulls a similar cheap shot later in the game, with the runner once again falling down and causing her team's bench to erupt over the play.

The catcher's actions didn't intimidate Huffman Hargrave, which went on to win the championship, 6-4. The first baserunner involved was definitely not fazed. "She did what she wanted to do in order to try and keep us from scoring, but it doesn't matter to me because we won overall," she said.

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