He's definitely not a chip off the old block.

The parents of a 28-year-old man in China have learned he's not actually biologically related to them, after becoming concerned because he was so handsome. A DNA test has confirmed the offspring is not theirs and that they were given the wrong baby at the hospital back in 1989.

The matter has torn the family apart. In 2004, the couple split after the husband became suspicious his wife cheated on him because the son proved to be quite the looker. We're not assuming dear ol' dad was Carrot Top and junior was Channing Tatum's doppelgänger, but there was obviously enough of a heartthrob look to the son that even made the parents go, "How he is ours?"

The wife also thinks the man is a hottie, unlike her ex. "[My son] has big eyes and a high nose bridge," she said. "His father is not very good looking and is quite different [from my son]."

The mother -- or the not-the-mother, as the case may be -- is suing the hospital in the hopes of finding the real son and reuniting this stranger they've raised with his real parents.

She's also seeking nearly $200,000 from the hospital, which is looking into the matter. Good luck with that -- in a country with more than a billion people, tracking down accurate records in medical facilities that sometimes have enough trouble dispensing the proper dose of Tylenol is going to be tougher than finding a good bagel in downtown Shanghai.

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