Last Tuesday was National Tequila Day. You were asked to vote for the best place to celebrate. It seems Palisade is the place to go.

Yes, there really is a "National Tequila Day." It appears the event rolls around every July 24. It's not an established holiday, but that's okay. Given the 100-plus-degree temperatures, who needs any other reason to observe this event?

You were asked to vote for the best place in Western Colorado from which to celebrate. It looks like Grand Junction was left out. The first place winner was a Palisade establishment. Coming in at second was a Fruita bar. Here are the top five finalists.

Palisade Best Place For Tequila winners

Congratulations to the Palisade Livery Saloon! I've been there many times, but I don't recall ever having Tequila. I'm sure it's excellent. Well, obviously, it must be. The Livery must whip up an excellent margarita, or maybe one of these other popular drinks including Tequila.

  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Paloma
  • Juan Collins
  • Tequini
  • Brave Bull
  • Envy Cocktail
  • Bloody Maria
  • Passion Cocktail

I'm not one for mixed drinks, so the majority of these will go untested.

Coming in second was JD's Bar in Fruita. I've been there, too. Like the first place winner, I don't believe I've tried any of their tequila drinks.

Thank you for voting. When "National Tequila Day" rolls around next year, you'll know where to celebrate.

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