While we were busy enjoying the holidays, some remarkable work was completed on the Palisade Rim parking lot. If the hike wasn't already awesome enough, the trailhead now features restrooms!

Have you had the chance to check out the new features? If not, here's a look.

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Awesome New Features at the Palisade Rim Trail

Unfortunately, the latest round of work at this site flew in under the radar. The hard work was eclipsed by the holidays.

In the past, when visiting the Palisade Rim Trail and the Palisade Plunge, one would park along the side of the road. For those less adventurous, there was the dirt parking lot across the street by the river, which by my count, could accommodate about a dozen cars at best.

As of December 21, 2021, the expanded parking lot extends to the parking area near the Colorado River off Highway 6 in Palisade, almost doubling the parking capacity.

More Improvements to the Palisade Plunge Project

The trailhead serves both the Palisade Rim and the Palisade Plunge trails for those who enjoy hiking and biking. It also serves the boat ramp on the Colorado River. It will also come in handy for those who enjoy other forms of recreation on the river.

Now Featuring Restrooms!

For those of us who've passed the 50-yard line in life, this new project comes with the most amazing feature imaginable - restrooms. These amenities from heaven are open and available to the public. You haven't lived until you've attempted a three-hour hike after chugging a 16-ounce Elvis Gulp of coffee from the local Maverick store.

Guilty of Not Visiting This Trailhead

This is going to make me sound like a bad Grand Junctionite, but I haven't visited the Palisade Rim Trail in a long time. Friends are still inviting me to try out the Palisade Plunge, but I need tons of practice before I try to bike it.

If you haven't been there lately, trust me, the Palisade Rim Trail is amazing. It's a fun hike, while only moderately difficult. The views alone make it worthwhile. The Palisade Plunge? I haven't tried it yet. A friend's daughter invited me to ride the Palisade Plunge, but I'm pretty sure she wants me dead. Add to the equation this newly expanded and improved parking area, and you have an awesome Western Colorado activity.

Check Out The Newly Expanded Parking Area at the Palisade Rim Trail and Palisade Plunge

This newly expanded parking area is awesome. It even features restrooms. For those of us over 50, this is a big deal.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

WORTH THE TRIP: Hiking Liberty Cap Trail in Grand Junction

It was really simple to find as I put the location into GPS and it connects immediately, although there isn't a ton of parking so try to be respectful of others trying to use the trail.

During my hike, I decided to walk around and try to take lots of beautiful photos as I knew this would probably be my last hike for a while. Here are some of the shots I got this past weekend on my hike.

LOCAL HIKE: Grand Junction's Ribbon Trail Offers Views for Days

For those that want to see some great scenery but don't want to work for it, the Ribbon Trail is the perfect destination hike for non-hikers.

The Ribbon Trail Hike itself is about 7 miles in length and quite strenuous. But, the first part of the trail from the upper trailhead to Ribbon Rock is not difficult at all. The hike is about 1/4 mile and takes you to some pretty incredible scenery in western Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Zane Mathews

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