Students and staff at Palisade High School are working toward building a fish hatchery at their school. The hatchery would be completely made up of endangered fish.

Palisade High School has been working hard to raise money to open a fish hatchery. Their plan is turn an old storage building at Palisade High School into the home of hundreds of endangered fish.

They plan to release the endangered fish into the Colorado River after they've grown big enough, according to District 51.

Palisade High School's storage building transforms into fish hatchery, and inside there is:

  • Three 230-gallon tanks
  • 150 endangered fish in each tank

This would be a great way for students at Palisade High School to get a true hands-on experience and learn all about the fish. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will partner up with the high school and provide food, aquatic supplies and the fish.

They've been working on this for years and I hope to see it come to fruition. See more about Palisade High School's fish hatchery here.

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