There have been some unexpected and weird things that have happened in 2020 especially having to do with the pandemic but there have been some great things that have happened as well. One of which is a brand new Facebook Group that was started for people in Palisade who want to swap puzzles with each other after completing them.

I'm sure that I am not the only one that has been playing more board and card games since the pandemic first began. My personal favorite is the card game cribbage, so much fun. But back to the point here, games and puzzles are a fantastic way to have some fun.

And the idea of sharing puzzles so you have something new to work on is brilliant. The online group to share puzzles was set up just days ago so the group isn't very large yet but as you know all you have to do it find one person to swap a few puzzles with and you will be set.

While there hasn't been any talk in the group online yet regarding COVID-19, I'm sure it would be appreciated if you use some sanitizer on the puzzle after completing it before putting the pieces back into the box.

There are just a few rules you are asked to follow within the group. Which include being kind to other group members, no spam or promotion of any kind, and finally the group is for swapping not selling. Any post trying to make money will be removed. Just have fun and swap puzzles.

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