Before you pack up the camper for Palisade, you may want to read this.

You can still camp out in your own backyard, but when it comes to RVs and motor homes, things have changed.

All seven Palisade trustees voted to pass these new laws and regulations.

  • No camping inside city limits
  • Limiting time RVs can be hooked up to a home
  • Camping on private land ONLY for seven consecutive days
  • Property owners can not rent space to campers, etc. for profit
  • Penalties are a municipal offense subject to up to $300 or 90 days in jail

'Camping is defined as to “sleep, spend the night, reside or dwell temporarily with or without bedding or other camping gear and with or without shelter'

For a more complete description of the new policies head to the Daily Sentinel webpage.

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